Leveraging & Guiding Facebook Groups Interactions

9 times out of 10, Facebook is where the majority of your user, member or customer online activity takes place. Incorporating facebook’s 2 billion+ network of connected human’s on this earth into your marketing workflow is something that has become cornerstone practice in running an online digital presence whether you are a business, non-profit, individual influencer or brand, the social media giant’s platform cannot be ignored

Within Facebook’s larger platform of friends, games and chat, Facebook Groups seems have become the way most small or large online communities interact by giving the user the ability to post to the group at large, and usually runs with the help of a few chosen group administrators. It’s more or less self governing group and will run itself if done correctly, and can save you the hassle of creating new content every week on your own website. Here members do that for you, and as the savvy marketers will go where the eyeballs are, and where people can interact with your brand. In my experience, in 2020 Facebook Groups is where this eyeballs are on the facebook platform.

So that’s why whether you are a business, non-profit or brand, it’s important you leverage FB groups and leverage FB groups correctly. Here are my recommendations to do such:

Create A Group

If your organization hasn’t yet, create a freggin’ facebook group for your patrons, members & users to interact together! Kind of a no-brainer gals n guys!

If you are worried about bad reviews Groups can be private, users added manually comments can be deleted, comment threads can be closed, and users banned. So there are a lot of tools to manage a group whether you’re a dog club or tow truck company and not have to fear customer or user retribution online in an open forum.

Recruit Good Admins from the start

You can’t have a good group without good leadership, and no single person can manage it all, so it’s important to find group administrators right off the bat who can steer the conversation and manage personalities from the start. Don’t pick someone who only logs in once a week, these administrators need to be Facebook regulars. The more moderators the better in my opinion, and with permissions you can give many people admistator privileges. Last set rules and guidelines you wish you moderators to follow such as rules for “staying on topic”, or abusive language guidelines. If you have good engaged admins, these things should be easily to implement.

Create interview questions & good rules

For privacy reasons & to keep out trolls who don’t belong, don’t allow every peeping Tom to join the group without passing a few interview questions and approving a few rules or a code of conduct. Allowing the right people into the group is important to steer the conversation in the right direction. Also presenting the rules and general code of conduct of the group will help eliminate bad apples from the get go. However with that said, don’t make the questions soo hard people can’t join.

Welcome new members to the group

I was impressed earlier this year when i joined a group and one of the administrators welcomed me along with other new members in a Welcome post to the group. It was a nice gesture and I made note of it. On a marketing level this was a really nice “sell” to make myself comfortable. It included some information about the group’s resources and invited current members to welcome the newbies, which some did. When people are looking for a connection on a sometimes cold social media platform, a warm welcome to the group is refreshing.

Relentlessly market & re-post content

Post that event and then post it again, then next week again just for good measure. Facebook algorithms are different for everyone, and group posts will show up in user’s feeds. But those feeds are short-lived, facebook is constantly pushing new content in-front of user’s eyeballs to keep them scrolling. because of this your posts quickly get lost in the myriad of other posts from fiends to advertisers. That’s why it important that you relentlessly need to post and repost media and information to the group. This helps keep you posts in member’s personal feeds, and no one cares if there are multiple posts on the groups “wall”, heck you can always delete old posts of they begin to look to repetitive.

Post links and media in every post

The biggest mistake people make when trying to engage their business or organization on facebook is that they forget it’s a digital a blackhole where people don’t every leave, the system is designed to do such. This causes a problem because most organizations use their own self hosted website or social platforms to sell things, get donations, or interact with patrons. That is why it is iterative you understand that posts to groups by administrators mush have a marking focus and must include an external link to the organizations own digital properties. Facebook is a tool to engage people. But whether it’s an announcement, event, donation call, new product release or whatever, administrators must play the role of a marketer and include external links to those sales funnels outside of facebook. Ultimately its a fight to pull people away from the social media walled garden’s and always including an external link in any capacity to your own web proprieties is the key to getting people out and ultimately purchasing your product.

Interact with user commentary frequently

It’s always surprising, but I’ve worked with numerous FB Group administrators who rarely post and rarely interact with conversations happening in the group. To me, it is the job of the group administrators to steer the conversation, to lead with example, and to help to keep the group’s interactions flowing. Being an absentee group administrators does none of this, and it’s important that group admins actually engage in the group dialogue on a regular basis. It is their job to play the liaison to the organization and to openly market for its benefit. If administrators are unwilling to post new content regularly, interject in discussions, and act as an authoritative figure for the group, they should not be administrators.

Poll the group and ask what they want

Feedback is key to

Bring FG Group content to your site

Bring FG Group content to your site

Quartly fun projects

End Of Year Thank you

Relentlylessly markets

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