Not If But When | Clean up your digital trash-heap of data

Do I remember what I was listening to September 14th 2015….? Absolultey not. But Zuckerberg sure does, or used to, thanks to the Spotify setting that blasted every single song I listened to out unknowingly to the social media platform for 3 years straight, Twista’s “Pimp On” & “Big Booty Hoes” by Notorious B.I.G proudly posted to my wall, undoubtably from my summer rap mix, you know, stuff my Grandma would like.

Although it did not spur the eventual cleanup of my digital mountains of data I had online, a year later I found an actual Facebook email notification sent to my Grandma notifying her about my listening habits, as well as me ranting at HP for some crappy printer I purchased from them that year, again you know, stuff my Grandma would like.

You’d figure it was just the proactive nature that lead me to clean my digital dumpster fire of data on Facebook, Gmail fkn Tumblr, but the actual reason why I finally cleaned up and deleted most of the online self, which took 3 months, is rooted in something even shadier that took place, which is a topic for another post. (A petty international blackmail & white collar embezzlement scheme)

Not if but when

What I realized is what even the large platform providers had been telling me all along to understand is that the true fragility of technology makes it incredibly vulnerable to hacking by unwelcome parties, and that its not if your system will someday ne hacked, its when its going to happen. that mere distinction changes how and what you put up for access online.

I was an early gmail adopter and created a gmail account in 2004, attracted to their sleek Javascript webmail interface and or course the free account, it was a no brainer to switch from clunky out outlook. At the time they had a “do no evil” motto and data-mining email wasn’t even in the picture. But the biggest draw of gmail, no limit to member so no need to delete emails. So they kept building.

You dont understand how much data curly exists

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